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12 Nov 2011
The Winning Spirit

Have you ever wondered that when good things happen, we never question our worthiness but the moment something goes wrong, the first reaction that comes up is “Why me?” I’m truly touched by those people who do not succumb to their fate in the eventuality of something going hugely wrong. The ones who fight against their disease or disability with unyielding grit, unflinching determination and immense self-control – thus emerging winners in actual life.

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26 Sep 2011
Bitten by the writing bug

Writing is a thrilling experience for me – always has been. So writing a new book, my fourth after a gap of thirteen years, has been a labour of love. The biggest challenge was to find two hours a day to devote. Quite a luxury when you have to manage five companies and over 1,000 staff as well as pursue two other fairly demanding passions, photography and music.

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19 Sep 2011
Just Not Cricket

I am not someone who supports the current trend of heaping winning players and teams with breathtaking bonanzas like houses, cars, land and money. After all they already receive funding and training from the country. After that, it is their job to do their best, just the same as any other professional. Besides any sports success, also earns extra rewards in the form of lucrative advertising and endorsement deals. So why should the State go overboard for what is essentially a good job done

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14 Sep 2011
Mind-body harmonics

The human body is super-intelligent. You may even say it has a ‘mind’ of its own. No wonder that the body identifies when we are happy, sad, stressed or bored. It even knows how to behave in such situations – for instance, the eyes glitter when we are happy, a frown settles on the brow when we are sad and the eyes roll in boredom.

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22 Aug 2011
Faith Accompli: Why Faith Matters

What’s true is that faith is a huge healing force irrespective of whether you choose homeopathy or allopathy. What’s not true is that this makes either any less efficacious medical system. Faith simply multiplies the dose and aids healing. This is why a bedside manner is so important. A patient who visits two different doctors for the same health complaint can feel better with the one that inspires more confidence regardless of the fact that they may both prescribe the same medication.

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17 Aug 2011
London Burning

Consumerism is at its peak today. Facing a 24 x 7 marketing onslaught , we are turning swiftly from an ‘efficient use culture’ to an ‘overuse culture’. With opulent lifestyles and luxury products aggressively advertised on mass media, people are increasingly craving things they can ill afford. The rich want to be richer; the poor want to get rich quick. Nobody is content. This rising frustration can reach a flashpoint where it bursts forth in a torrent of violence and destruction.

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16 Aug 2011
Anna Hazare – the voice against vice

Anna Hazare is the voice of conscience. More than that , his is the voice of millions of Indians. His anti-corruption crusade has found an echo throughout the country. He is supported by students, farmers, poor people and intellectuals alike. The government has a duty to listen to this voice. Instead it is denying him a platform to be heard and voice concerns that are troubling the whole nation.

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